Master Class Flyer
Suitable for ages 15+ to adult
[only available in Melbourne, Australia]

Night c
lasses begin Wed. 30th Jan

From 6pm until 8pm


 Weekend classes begin Sat. 9th March
From 2:30 until 5:30pm

Enrol now!!

12 week course
Fil Barlow an Emmy award winning
cartoonist with 33 years professional experience and
Helen Maier
who has collaborated with Fil for over 28 years.

You will graduate as a professional cartoonist with
your work published in our new anthology comic!

1. Pay-As-You-Go: $45 per class
requires an initial $90 deposit
then $45 per class paid a week in advance by cash or check.
We will give you a receipt.
2. Pay Up-Front: $420 (save $120)

requires an advance payment
by cheque or bank transfer of $420.
Please let us know your method of payment
and we will email you the billing information.

The venue: St Stephen's Church :
1 Woodville Street  Balwyn North VIC 3104

(Behind Doncaster road near the Greythorn shops)

Here is a basic look at the curriculum:
We focus on teamwork and personal skills throughout the course.
(We provide all materials and pay for printing)

Drawing fundamentals
                                    Week 1: Character design. How to invent original characters and prepare model sheets.
               Week 2: Character geometry. Using lighting and shadows for added drama.
Week 3
: Backgrounds and layout. Theatrical tricks to avoid perspective.

       Week 4: Props and perspective. Drawing a properly constructed scene.

Story & Layout
Week 5: Ideas. How to create a unique and personal comic.          
Week 6: Concept development. Fleshing out the ideas.               
Week 7: Story techniques and character arcs.                           
Week 8: Page flow. How to direct the reader's eye across the page.

Putting it into practice
Week 9: Roughs. We begin your graduation comic.                         
Week 10: Clean-ups. How to improve and prepare the final art.      
Week 11: Inks. Finish and add text.                                                  
Week 12: Prepare for press. Sales techniques.                                

We then have the graduation day where you
10 copies of the class comic and sell them to the public.

If you have any further questions we will be happy to answer them.

Contact us: