Fil is now on Patreon
, a site where artists can be
supported by the public. Pledging any amount per month, starting at a dollar, gains a back stage pass to regular updates on Fil's current work, and behind the scenes art to any of the shows he worked on in Hollywood. 

If you grew up watching TV animation, shows like Extreme Ghostbusters, Godzilla, Captain N, Alf, Tutenstein or Starship Troopers, or if you want to see early previews for Image Comic's 8House: Yorris, OR you love anything Zooniverse then here is your chance to support Fil Barlow and see new art from all of the above!

Q: Why use Patreon?
A: [Fil Barlow] "Over the last five years I have put so much work into blogs, posts
, animations, answering questions from fans, recoloring old production art, all for free and the whole time I was desperately poor. Patreon allows my fans to help me and have access to my process. It's like a tipping jar, and in return for your patronage I'll show you artwork that has never been seen before. Patrons who donate $5+ per month can vote on which projects I'll feature".

Click on the link below to find Fil on Patreon: