Fil's now on Patreon!!!!

Fil is now on Patreon, a new site that lets people support
their favorite artists. By pledging a nominated  amount on a regular basis this frees the artist up to create more beautiful art for their fans.

Character Designer of your childhood!

 Fil has been posting on DA for several years now, mainly old artwork from his days at Sony

"If you grew up watching Saturday Morning Animated Shows from 1987-2003 you are probably already familiar with my work. I was the lead character designer on all of the following projects:
the animated ALF show, C.O.P.S, Captain N, Extreme Ghostbusters, Godzilla the series, Max Steel, Heavy GearStarship Troopers: Roughnecks Chronicles, Igor, Dark Fury and more. I created and sold the game Spectrobes to Disney and won an Emmy for my design work on Tutenstein.

For the last few years I've been recoloring old designs from these shows and posting them on DeviantArt for fans to enjoy for free!

I have been unable to continue posting as all my time is devoted to my comic work for Image, which I love doing, but they pay so little and I spend too much time making the art as beautiful as possible. The numbers simply don't add up. I can't manage the amount of pages I would have to complete each month to pay my living expenses.

With your help I will have time to color and post more designs from the old shows, while doing comics at a level of quality that I feel the projects deserve.

Everyone will be able to enjoy the DA posts for free, and you as my Patrons will get inside access to my artistic process and experiences that I had behind the scenes working on the shows that you grew up watching.".......